Top-of-the-Line High-Speed Tablet and Capsule Counter and Filler: King Technocount M500


The King Technocount M500 is a state-of-the-art, single-lane tablet and capsule counting machine, designed for high-speed production environments. Combining advanced counting technology with robust construction, this machine ensures precise and efficient counting of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.


Machine Description:


The King Technocount M500 is a multi-channel mechanical tablet and capsule counting machine (Slat Counter), engineered for accuracy and reliability. Its robust construction guarantees durable performance, making it an ideal choice for demanding production settings.


Key Features:


1. Precision Counting Mechanism: Employs advanced technology for accurate counting of tablets, dragees, and soft gelatine capsules, reducing errors and waste.

2. Versatile Product Handling: Handles a wide range of product sizes and shapes, from small tablets to larger capsules, without needing extensive reconfiguration.

3. Adjustable Speed Control: Features a 3 Phase Inverter controlled main drive assembly, enabling easy speed adjustments to match production demands.

4. Integrated De-dusting System: Includes a top brush assembly with a static elimination bar, ensuring tablets are clean and debris-free before packaging.

5. Efficient Tablet Release: Equipped with a slat thumper assembly and a 10-drop shutter assembly, facilitating smooth and efficient tablet release into the filling funnel.

6. Vacuum System: An internal vacuum assembly ensures efficient tablet transfer and positioning within the machine.

7. Robust Construction: Built with high-quality materials, including aluminium side plates and stainless-steel covers, for longevity in demanding environments.

8. User-Friendly Interface: Features an HMI Touch screen for intuitive operation and easy access to settings and diagnostics.

9. Low-Level Sensor: The hopper assembly includes a low-level sensor, alerting operators when tablet levels are low, ensuring continuous operation.

10. Pneumatic Control System: A sophisticated pneumatic controls system provides precise control over mechanical movements.


Operational Details:


Containers are fed in batches of ten into the counting machine using a single-lane stainless steel sanitary conveyor system (not included). The pneumatic bottle gating system positions containers under the ten-drop filling funnel assembly for accurate counting. Tablets, capsules, or gel products are fed into the bulk hopper and flow into the slat cavities. The slats, assisted by an electro-mechanical vibration system, ensure correct tablet positioning.


The tablets are then brushed to eliminate overcounts and driven past a shutter assembly. A pneumatic thumper aids in tablet release into the filling funnel, ensuring accurate counts. The filled containers are indexed out, allowing for continuous counting and filling without interruption.


Standard Inclusions:

  • Main Filling Head Structure: Constructed with durable aluminium and stainless steel
  • 3 Phase Inverter Controlled Main Drive Assembly: Offers precise speed control
  • Drive Shaft Assembly: Ensures smooth operation with chain tensioners
  • Internal Vacuum Assembly: Includes comprehensive pipework and a take-off manifold
  • Hopper Assembly with Low Level Sensor: Maintains a consistent supply of tablets
  • Stainless Steel Slat Chain: Durable, easy to clean, and ensures smooth movement
  • Under Slat Vibration Assembly: Enhances tablet positioning for accurate counts
  • Top Brush Assembly with Static Elimination Bar: Removes dust and neutralizes static electricity
  • Slat Thumper Assembly: Assists in tablet release
  • 10 Drop Shutter Assembly with filling funnels: Controls tablet release into packaging
  • One Set of Machined Plastic Slats: Custom-designed to hold tablets in counting patterns
  • Electrical Control System: Includes inverters, a 15” HMI Touch screen, and safety circuits
  • Pneumatic Controls System: Features a control panel with air preparation and solenoid valves
  • Pneumatic Bottle Gating System: Ensures precise container alignment and counting

Build Standards:

  • Compliance: Meets Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC
  • FDA Compliant Contact Material: Manufactured using FDA-compliant materials for safe contact with food and pharmaceutical substances
  • Pneumatic Requirement: 5-7 bar, filtered and dried
  • Air Consumption: 2500 litres/hour
  • Power Requirement: 220/240V 50Hz 1 phase or 110V 60Hz 1 phase 16A
  • Net Weight: 874 kg

Additional Inclusions:

  • Instruction Manual: Includes mechanical and electrical drawings, parts lists, operation, maintenance details, and more.
  • CE Certification
  • Compliance: Designed in compliance with UKCA and CE standards
  • Warranty: Standard machine warranty of 1 year from delivery
  • Customs Tariff: 8422.30 (Machinery)
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom