We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing spares for liquid filling, tablet counting and filling, bottle capping, container labeling, unscrambling, and product conveyoring equipment, and supply high-quality spare parts and servicing for semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines used in various industries, such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, veterinary, personal care, cosmetics, automotive, and more.

Our team of experts provides genuine spares, after-sale and on-site servicing, support, and upgrades for all C E King packaging machines, including the KT340, KT360, King ILKT, King Technofill, C E Kingfisher, and C E King SC4, SC6, SC10, and SC20 King slat counters. We also supply change parts and spares for the King capping machine range, such as the CS50, CS60, CAPS 80, CS 120, CS180, ISEC 150, ISC 120, ISC 100, as well as other packaging machine and equipment manufacturers, including Kalish, KBW and Swiftpack Automation.

To find the right spare parts for your packaging machine visit our dedicated online store.