King Checker QC: Semi-Automatic Tablet Checking Machine for Accurate Quality Control

The King Checker Qc is a semi-automatic tablet capsule counting machine suitable for counting and filling food and non-food products such as tablets, capsules, pills, caplets, soft gels, dragees (up to a maximum of 25 mm diameter in counts of between 1 and 10,000), sweets and confectionary products into a wide range of glass and plastic bottles, jars, containers, doypack pouches and packs, stand-up pouches, paper pouches, pre-made pouches and packs. The filling rate is adjustable and dependent on the characteristics of both product and bottle. Tablets or capsules are placed in a vibratory bowl feeder which allows controlled and smooth feeding of product. The vibratory bowl feeder can be adjusted to change the rate of product feed in conjunction with an adjustable tablet clip. The products proceed to pass through a sensor beam which counts the tablets before continuing through to a dispensing funnel where a pre-positioned container is waiting. When all the tablets have been processed the total count is displayed on the touch screen.

System Features and benefits: Fast, reliable and accurate counting of products; designed for coated and uncoated tablets, clear softgels and capsules; repeatable counting accuracy; color touch screen for easy setup and simple operation; easy to clean and maintain; FDA approved Polypropylene, Acetal (POM) contact parts; tool-less design for fast and easy product changeovers.