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Tablet and Capsule Counting and Filling Machines

Our Primary Packaging Machines and Equipment are made specifically for Bottle Filling, Tablet and Capsule Counting, Cap Closing and Labelling and have been used extensively by customers within Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetics and many other Market Sectors and Industries for more than 75 Years. 

King Technofill

Table Top Servo Filling Machines

Our table top gear pump liquid filling machines are equipped with a precision made gear pump and a large touch screen.

Table Top and Production Line Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machines

Our servo-powered gear pump liquid filling machines are equipped with precision gear pumps which provide accurate and repeatable high speed liquid filling. With modern, modular, clean and compact designs they utilise small space saving footprints allowing easy integration into packaging lines and small production areas. Our filling machines are easily adapted to various types of liquids such as gels, creams, lotions, toners, cleansing oils, shampoo and conditioners, olive oils, detergents and other similar products in different fill volumes.

Operators can easily use and set up the tabletop liquid filling machine via the large multi-language touch screen display. The required fill volume, filling speed and bottle change over time are all easily adjustable along with a host of other features to achieve clean and accurate liquid filling.

1. The standard gear pump filling machine is equipped with plain nozzles, however an optional pneumatic shut-off dispensing nozzle, which prevents dripping, blobbing and stringing of difficult products is available.
2. Table top gear pump filling machine provides high filling speeds with repeatable filling accuracy.
3. The large touch screen control panel makes the machine very easy to set up and operate.
4. Filling speed, fill volume and many other parameters are all user adjustable.
5. All contact parts are manufactured from FDA approved materials.
6. The machines are built to CE standards (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC).
7. The machines are constructed using high quality materials including stainless steel 316, which meets the cGMP requirements.
8. Compact design of our liquid filling machines allows installation in limited spaces.
9. Switchable filling modes include manual, fully automatic and timed.
10. The standard gear pump is suitable for free flowing liquids with low to medium viscosity at an ambient temperature. Optional hot fill pumps are available.
11. The operator can control the operation using a foot pedal.
12. A full range of filling nozzles and tubes is available to meet the customer’s requirements.

Automatic & Semi-Automatic Machines for Liquid Filling & Tablet Counting

Table Top Servo Pump Filling Machine

Positive Displacement Gear Pump (Single Head) filling is ideal for high volume filling of liquids such as cleaning chemicals and similar products, with filling capacity up to 17 Litres/min, easy to clean and disassemble and quiet in operation.

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Peristaltic Precision Dosing Pumps

Peristaltic Pump (Single Head) filling uses a closed fluid path which removes the risk of cross contamination between products. It is ideal for small volumes from 0.2ml to 250ml  pharmaceutical and similar products. 

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Multi Nozzle Filling Equipment

Table Top medium speed servo-driven twin pump filling machine can be integrated into existing packaging machinery to improve performance and filling accuracy. Large touch screen display with selectable languages including English, Español, Français, Deutsche, Svenska, Italiano and Русский. 

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King Bottle Filling Machines UK

Automatic Linear Servo-Driven Pump Filling Machine from KING can fill up to 12 containers at the same time with virtually any product from thin and foamy to thick and stringy. It is recommended for a wide variety of products including cosmetics, personal care, food and beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other similar products.

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Electronic Bench Top and Fully Automatic Tablet Counting Machines

King's 75 years of experience and a wealth of expertise in tablet counting have enabled a carefully structured range of machinery with the latest technology in tablet counting to evolve. We have installed thousands of tablet and capsule counters worldwide. 

The King range of electronic tablet counting offers equipment to suit all counting needs from small bench top units to fully automatic, high throughput production machines. By utilising optional systems and accessories, we can tailor the units to particular requirements and environments to ensure we provide a machine that meets your application requirements.

King electronic tablet counters mainly operate on the principle of a vibration based feed system designed to separate and sort the tablets or other products into a single row and then guide them through an optical sensor, which registers the passing of each item. The counted product is then guided safely into the container. 

All King counters are manufactured in accordance with the highest safety standards and GMP principles. FDA approved product contact materials are incorporated in the design and construction of all units, and the renowned King high quality service and support backs each machine. 

The world-renowned King TB4 counter is available in bench top or automatic formats. Features include simple operation, accurate repeatable counting, ability to handle most shapes of tablet, caplet, dragee and hard and soft gelatine capsules, fully adjustable, quick to set up, easy to clean, speeds up to 2,200 tablets per minute, batches up to 10,000 etc which is ideal for small to medium output production. 

Our excellent TC8 and TC12 counters are ideal for caplets or irregular shaped tablets, count up to 4,000 tablets per minute, quantities up to 10,000, can be used for small counts, operator friendly, large hopper gives even product feed, efficient container handling system avoids spillage, full visual readout of quantity selected, count progress and number of containers filled. They are excellent for production operations where flexibility is vital. 

Requiring Spares, Service and Support for your King Packaging Machines?

Are you looking for Spare Parts to Service and Maintain your King Packaging Machinery like the King TB4 Tablet Counter or a King Slat Counter ? Then you've come to the right place as King enjoy an enviable reputation for supplying prompt and expert support to customers all around the world. The service team is trained and experienced in commercial requirements and technical issues, which enable them to provide appropriate assistance under urgent conditions.

After sales support covers installation, commissioning, training of customer operatives and engineers, maintenance, helpline advice, spare parts and parts customization. When a customer enters into a relationship with King, it is backed by a long-term commitment of support to ensure satisfaction is maintained throughout the working life of the equipment.

We maintain a large stock of original C.E.King Limited genuine spare parts and accessories for immediate worldwide delivery. To find your packaging machinery spare parts visit our dedicated online store here

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