High-speed Tablet Counting Machines

The Ultimate High-Speed Automatic Tablet Counters: King Technocount Tablet, Pill and Capsule Counting Machines


High-speed automatic tablet counting machines from C.E.King are designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in pharmaceutical and healthcare production environments. These state-of-the-art tablet and capsule packing machines can handle a wide range of tablet and capsule sizes, processing up to 20,000 tablets per minute. The integration of advanced technologies such as optical sensors and vibratory feeders ensures precise counting and reliable operation.

Built with robust construction, King tablet counters are known for their durability and longevity, making them ideal for high-demand settings. The user-friendly interface allows for easy operation and quick adjustments, ensuring that production lines maintain optimal productivity.

Whether for tablets, capsules, or other pharmaceutical products, King high-speed counting machines provide a reliable packaging solution for maintaining high standards in packaging processes.

Optional Vision Systems for Enhanced Quality Assurance:

Vision systems, also referred to as machine vision systems, utilize advanced imaging technologies such as cameras or scanners for automated inspections.

Unlike conventional methods, automated vision solutions offer comprehensive 100% inspection of labels and packaging. This technology is invaluable across various sectors including pharmaceuticals, life sciences, medical devices, and food and beverage industries, enabling companies to achieve essential objectives:

• Decrease rejection rates by identifying quality issues related to product, seal, or packaging integrity.
• Prevent recalls stemming from mislabeling or printing inaccuracies.
• Ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
• Optimize product tracking and traceability.
• Enhance overall line productivity and elevate quality control standards.

Integrating these optional features not only streamlines operations but also ensures adherence to superior product standards and robust track-and-trace capabilities.

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