King Dispenser Rx: Semi-Automatic Tablet Capsule Counting Machine for Precise Counting


The King Dispenser Rx is a compact and portable manual semi-automatic tablet capsule counting and filling machine. The counter is extremely versatile and accurate. It's a bottle filler that can count batches of tablets, pills, capsules, caplets and other oral solid dose format and tabletted products, as well as food and non-food products. It is ideal for small to medium output production where a single worker can easily operate it.

Operating the Dispenser Rx tablet counter is simple and can be achieved by following these general steps:


1. Preparation: Ensure that the tablet counter is clean and free of any debris. Check the machine's power supply, and switch it on.
2. Calibration: The Dispenser Rx counter is self calibrating, so there is no need for lenghty complicated calibration procedures.
3. Setting up: Depending on the tablet or capsule type you may need to adjust the settings in order to count a specific product. The machine may also require you to adjust the speed at which the tablets are counted and the total number of tablets that is required to be filled into each bottle.
4. Loading: Once the machine is set up, the operator can begin loading the tablets into the machine's hopper which may need some small adjustment in order to maintain a steady flow.
5. Counting: Once the tablets are loaded into the hopper and the machine is set, turn on the counting function of the machine. The tablets will then be counted and deposited into awaiting bottles positioned by the operator.
6. Checking: After the first few bottles are completed, check the counted tablets to ensure that they match the expected quantity.
7. Cleaning: After use, ensure to clean the tablet counter thoroughly as per the manufacturer's instructions to maintain the machine's accuracy and longevity.

It's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific model to ensure proper operation of the benchtop tablet counter.

Features and Benefits:

Tablet and capsule counters are essential machines in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for their ability to count a large number of tablets quickly and accurately. Here are some features and benefits of King tablet capsule counters:


1. High accuracy: King tablet counters use advanced technology to ensure accurate counting of tablets.

2. Speed: our machines are capable of counting tablets at a high speed, allowing for fast and efficient production.

3. User-friendly: King tablet counters are designed to be easy to use, with intuitive controls and simple operation using a touch screen interface.

4. Versatility: King tablet counters can be programmed to count different types of tablets and capsules including coated and uncoated tablets, clear softgels, capsules, caplets, dragee etc.

5. Compact size: King benchtop tablet counters are typically small and lightweight, making them easy to move around and store.



1. Increased productivity: Using the King tablet counter can significantly increase production efficiency, allowing for more tablets to be counted in less time.

2. Improved accuracy: Manual counting of tablets can be prone to errors, but King tablet capsule counters ensure precise and consistent counting.

3. Cost-effective: By automating the counting process, King tablet counters can save money by reducing labor costs and minimizing waste.

4. Quality control: Accurate counting of tablets is critical for quality control in the pharmaceutical industry, and King tablet counters help ensure that products meet the required standards.

5. Time-saving: King tablet capsule counting and filling machines allow for the fast and efficient counting of tablets, freeing up time for other important tasks.


In summary, the King tablet and capsule counting and filling machines are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective machines that are essential in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for their ability to ensure accurate and fast counting of tablets and capsules.