Automatic Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines King Technocount T8, T12 and T12T

1. Overview:

King multi-channel tablet and capsule counting machines are sophisticated pharmaceutical devices designed for accurately counting and filling tablets and capsules into containers. The machines use multiple channels to process various tablet and capsule sizes simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and productivity in the packaging process. The machines employ cutting-edge technologies such as optical sensors, vibratory feeders, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to ensure precise counting and dispensing.

2. Key Components:

2.1 Hopper: The hopper is a large container used to store bulk quantities of tablets and capsules, which are then fed into the machine. It is usually made of stainless steel or other materials compliant with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.
2.2 Vibratory Feeder: The vibratory feeder evenly distributes tablets and capsules from the hopper to the counting channels. It operates using controlled vibrations to minimize the risk of product damage and ensure smooth flow.
2.3 Counting Channels: The counting channels are a series of parallel tracks that transport tablets and capsules towards the optical sensors. Each channel is designed to accommodate a specific size or shape of tablet or capsule, allowing for simultaneous processing of multiple product types.
2.4 Optical Sensors: The optical sensors are responsible for accurately counting the tablets and capsules as they pass through the channels. These sensors employ advanced technology, such as infrared beams, lasers, and high-resolution vision cameras, to detect and count each product accurately and rapidly.
2.5 Dispensing Mechanism: Once the tablets and capsules have been counted, the dispensing mechanism releases the correct quantity into the containers. The mechanism typically uses pneumatic actuators or servo motors to ensure precision and repeatability.
2.6 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): The PLC is the central control unit of the machine, responsible for managing the entire counting and filling process. It receives data from the optical sensors, processes it, and controls the dispensing mechanism accordingly.

3. Key Features:

3.1 High Accuracy: The multi-channel tablet and capsule counting machine ensures an accurate count of tablets and capsules, with an error rate typically below 0.001%.
3.2 Speed and Efficiency: The machine's multi-channel design enables it to process multiple products simultaneously, significantly reducing processing time and increasing throughput.
3.3 Flexibility: The machine can handle a wide range of tablet and capsule sizes and shapes, allowing for seamless integration into various pharmaceutical production lines.
3.4 User-friendly Interface: The machine is equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface that allows operators to easily configure and monitor the counting and filling process.
3.5 Compliance: The machine is built to meet or exceed pharmaceutical industry standards and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations, ensuring product quality and safety.

4. Applications:

The multi-channel tablet and capsule counting machine is primarily used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for packaging various solid dosage forms, such as tablets and capsules, into containers, bottles, pouches, jars and godets. It may also be utilized in other industries that require accurate counting and dispensing of small solid objects, such as cosmetics, skincare, nutraceuticals, supplements, confectionery, and CBD gummies.

King Technocount T12 Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine in production line with King Technocount C100 Press Capping Machine is designed to process tablets, pills and capsules up to 6000 pieces per minute with a line speed of up to 100 bottles per minute.

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