Capping Machinery Accessories and Upgrades


We offer a wide range of parts and components that enhance the versatility, efficiency, and functionality of your capping operations. Whether you need different capping chuck designs, cap feeders, sorters, chutes, format parts, or different capping chucks, we have you covered.

1. Capping Chuck Designs: Our range includes a variety of capping chuck designs to accommodate different cap closure types. Whether you require press caps, screw caps, or ROPP (Roll over Pilfer Proof) caps, we have the appropriate chuck design to ensure secure and reliable cap application.
2. Cap Elevators and Feeders: Enhance your capping process with our range of cap feeding solutions. Our cap feeders are designed to smoothly and efficiently deliver caps to the capping machine, ensuring a steady and uninterrupted supply. Choose from a variety of cap feeders tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, optimise your production line by incorporating our reliable cap sorters. These devices efficiently sort and orient caps, ensuring proper alignment for seamless capping operations. Improve accuracy and eliminate jams with our trusted cap sorters. To ensure a continuous flow of caps for uninterrupted production, our cap elevators efficiently elevate caps from a bulk supply and deliver them to the capping machine. With these combined accessories, you can streamline your capping process and maintain a consistent supply of caps, maximising productivity and ensuring high-quality capping results.
3. Chutes: Our selection of chutes facilitates the controlled and precise delivery of caps to the capping area. These chutes are designed to maintain proper cap orientation and prevent jams or misalignments, streamlining the capping process and maximising productivity.
4. Format Parts: These essential components play a crucial role in adapting your capping machine to different bottle and cap configurations. Our format parts, including changepart tooling, facilitate quick and hassle-free changeovers between various bottle and cap sizes. This includes starwheel assemblies, infeed guides, infeed starwheels, turret starwheels, outfeed starwheels, and chuck jaws, each carefully designed for precise and reliable bottle handling, cap placement, and capping torque application. With our high-quality changepart tooling, you can easily customize your capping machine to accommodate diverse bottle sizes, cap types, and production requirements. Minimize downtime during bottle format changeovers, boost productivity, and maintain a smooth production line. Our knowledgeable team is available to guide you in selecting the appropriate format parts, empowering you to optimize your capping process with confidence. Trust in our quality, expertise, and comprehensive collection of format parts to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of your bottle capping operations.
5. Two and Three Jaw Pneumatic Self-Cocking Chucks: Experience enhanced efficiency and convenience with our pneumatic self-cocking chucks. These chucks provide secure and precise cap gripping, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Increase productivity and reduce downtime with this valuable upgrade.
6. Magnetic Torque Limiter: Ensure precise and controlled torque application with our magnetic torque limiter. This innovative device allows you to set and limit the applied torque, preventing overtightening and ensuring consistent sealing integrity. Protect your products and improve quality control with this essential addition.
7. Top Pressure Chucks: Achieve consistent and reliable capping with our top pressure chucks. These chucks apply downward pressure on the cap during the capping process, ensuring proper sealing and preventing cap misalignment. Top pressure chucks are ideal for securing caps on bottles with irregular shapes or uneven surfaces, guaranteeing a secure closure.
8. Collet Type Chucks: Experience enhanced flexibility and versatility with our collet type chucks. These chucks utilise a collet mechanism to securely grip caps of various sizes and shapes, accommodating a wide range of capping requirements. Collet type chucks offer precise and uniform cap application, making them suitable for diverse bottle and cap configurations.

9. Cap Inspection Systems: Cap inspection systems use vision technology to detect defects, inconsistencies, or missing caps, ensuring quality control and preventing faulty products from reaching the market.

Our accessories and upgrades are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing capping machine, offering versatility and reliability. We prioritise quality and performance, ensuring that our parts are built to withstand demanding production environments.Browse our collection and discover the perfect accessories and upgrades to optimise your bottle capping operations. Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in selecting the right components to meet your specific needs. Elevate your capping process and achieve exceptional results with our premium range of accessories and upgrades.