The complete set of product contact parts comprises various elements such as chutes, funnels, hoppers, guides, feeders, nozzles, tubes, and any other components involved in direct contact with the product. These parts are specifically designed and constructed from materials that comply with regulatory FDA standards, ensuring hygiene, durability, and safety.

By having a complete set of product contact parts, manufacturers can maintain strict adherence to quality and safety protocols. These parts can be easily replaced, cleaned, or sanitized to prevent crosscontamination, ensure consistent product flow, and minimize the risk of product contamination or adulteration.

Additionally having a comprehensive set of product contact parts provides operational efficiency, reduces downtime for cleaning or maintenance, and allows for seamless product handling, enhancing overall productivity and product quality.

Standard Inclusions:

  • M20099 - Hopper
  • DC6081034B - Hopper outlet sleeve
  • DC6081014B - Feeder ring
  • DC6080005A - Tablet guide assembly
  • DC6081018E - Flap housing
  • DC6081021B - Window
  • DC6081017B - Flap
  • DC6081027A - Funnel Ø20mm