Experience the ultimate in conveyor system technology with our free-standing sanitary channel conveyor system. This innovative solution features two articulated legs with an internal trunking void, providing a clean and organized setup. With convenient access panels, maintenance and troubleshooting are a breeze.

Our conveyor system is equipped with an interchangeable 1/2 HP 3-phase variable speed drive motor, allowing you to customize the conveyor speed to suit your specific requirements. Whether you choose front or rear mounting, the motor ensures reliable performance and precise control.

The inclusion of an idler end and a standard outfeed cross-over dead plate with guide railing adds to the versatility and functionality of the system. It facilitates smooth movement and seamless transitions between conveyor sections, optimizing your workflow.

Upgrade to our free-standing sanitary channel conveyor system for enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and hygiene in your operations. Enjoy the benefits of a customizable speed drive motor and a well-designed, robust structure that meets your production needs. Experience superior performance and maximize your productivity with this cutting-edge conveyor solution.