The King Checker Qc is a GMP countertop semi-automatic single station tablet and capsule counting and filling machine. It is designed for quality and inventory control and suitable for handling a wide range of oral dose and tabletted products into glass and plastic containers and pouches.

The machine is modern, accurate and versatile. It can handle tablets, pills, capsules and dragees up to a maximum of 25mm diameter in counts of between 1 and 10,000.

Tablets or capsules are placed manually into the vibratory bowl feeder which progressively feeds them around the bowls path. The feed rate is easily adjustable using the machines touchscreen interface.

After exiting the bowl feeder centre product is gently separated and aligned into a single stream. Product then proceeds to exit the bowl feeder and passes through a sensing head which counts the product before continuing through a dispensing funnel where a pre-positioned container is waiting.

When the products have been processed the total count is displayed on the touchscreen. An optional time delay feature allow the operator to pre-set a time in order to reset the counter after the all current products have been counted.

Standard King Checker Qc machine includes:

1.Standard bowl feeder suitable for handling a wide range of tablets and capsules with optional and custom designs available    
2.Modern and clean stainless steel cabinet design with integral touchscreen interface
3.Quick release no tool funnel housing and Ø20mm dispensing funnel assembly
4.Adjustable container platform

Complete with:

1. Instruction manual (in English) including mechanical assembly and electrical drawings, parts listings, operational instructions and maintenance details etc.
2. Designed in compliance with UKCA and CE standards.
3. Power requirement: - 220/240v 50hz / 110v 60hz 1 phase.
4. Nett weight: 25kg.
5. Standard machine warranty: 1 year from delivery.
6. Customs Tariff: 8422.30 (Machinery).
7. Country of Origin: United Kingdom