Single Head 10 Litre Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine King Technofill F1 with a Side Mounted HMI

This bottle liquid filling machine is a GMP medium speed semi-automatic single head gear pump liquid filling machine, suitable for filling liquid and fluid products with a fill capacity of between 30 ml and 5 litres into glass and plastic bottles and containers. It uses a stainless steel positive displacement gear pump in order to accurately dose products in specific volumes.

The revolutions of the gear pump are counted using an encoder and at the end of the predetermined count the pump stops completing a filling cycle. A preset interval time controls when the motor is restarted again for another filling cycle allowing the operator to change over bottles. Accurate dosing is achieved by electronically counting the pump revolutions by servo motor. Volume adjustment is by means of a touch screen interface. Complete with: stainless steel cabinet, servo pump motor, plc and large 7” touch screen control panel.

Simple and intuitive operating system with recipe program control allowing fill settings to be stored and recalled by product name. Includes selectable multi language interface with English, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages integrated, as well as other features and benefits.