Single Head 17 Litre Gear Pump Filling Machine King Technofill F1 with a Top Mounted HMI

The King Technofill F1 gear pump liquid bottle filling machine is a compact, versatile semi-automatic single head bottle filling machine designed for accurate filling of liquid and fluid products into bottles and containers. Using a high power servo motor to drive either a positive displacement gear pump or a peristaltic pump, the Technofill liquid bottle filling machine is one of the most powerful and controllable tablettop liquid filling systems available.

It can provide accurate and repeatable high speed liquid filling for filling volumes from 5 ml, 10 ml and onwards using our gear pump technology. With modern, modular, clean and compact designs they utilise small space saving footprints allowing easy integration into liquid packaging lines and small liquid production areas. The Technofill bottle filling packing machines are used worldwide by companies operating in the pharmaceutical and healthcare, cosmetics and skincare, personal care and toiletries, chemical and agrochemical, automotive and other industries.

They are easily adapted to a wide variety of liquids with high viscosity and various types of liquids such as gels, creams, lotions, toners, cleansing oils, shampoo and conditioners, olive oils, detergents, hand wash, hand sanitisers, liquid soap, disinfectants, antibacterial and cleaning solutions and other similar liquid products in different fill volumes.