Fully Automatic Liquid Fillers


King Technofill F2 Liquid Filler

The King Technofill 2 liquid filler is a low speed multi pump fully automatic linear bottle filling machine designed to fill plastic or glass bottles. The filling technology is volumetric whereby the servo pump head count the gear pump revolutions in order to control and meter the required amount of product. Fill volume is easily selected using a touch screen. Individual or simultaneous volume adjustment to the pump heads can be made during the fill cycle in order to give total flexibility for product handling. Selectable profile filling optimises filling speed by allowing the fill speed to slow down when filling into the neck of a bottle in up to three stages. The Technofill 2 has a robustly constructed base cabinet and sanitary conveyor system. The machines base cabinet is constructed using a stainless steel with adjustable articulated feet, sealed lockable front and rear access panels, integrated electrical control panel, pneumatic nozzle lift, pneumatic and electrical control panel, pneumatically actuated neck locator.

Complete with: KT 1100029a - Technofill liquid filling machine - twin head 10 litre gear pump - top mounted HMI (can be removed and easily deployed for benchtop operation) including two 10 litre positive displacement gear pumps manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel with PTFE bearings, inlet and outlet ports include sanitary couplings, two pneumatically actuated dispensing nozzle, with positive shut off action for drip free operation. Diameter & lengths vary to suit sample products supplied including a stainless-steel valve body, central drawbar and inlet adaptor. A stainless steel product drip tray is located under the filling area conveyor to catch product during cleaning down and if accidental spillage should occur. A 3.0 metre sanitary conveyor system constructed with stainless steel and 100mm wide acetal slat chain controls the transport of bottles powered by a 3ph inverter controlled drive motor. Including adjustable no bottle and backup sensors, two bottle gating cylinders units, 41mm pitch double round guide rails adjustable for height and width to suit a wide range of bottle sizes complete with instruction manual (English) including mechanical and electrical drawings, parts lists, operation, maintenance details etc. CE certification build standards: machinery directive 2006/42/ec and electromagnetic compatibility directive 2004/108/ec, power requirement: 220/240v 50hz 1 phase, pneumatic requirement: 4 – 7 bar, filtered and dried electrical consumption: 2kw, nett weight: 324 kg

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