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Boost Your Production with our Multi-Head Liquid Filling Machines

C.E.King Limited

Introducing our new King Technofill F6 Multi-Head Liquid Filling Machine

Maximise your production efficiency with the King Technofill F6 automatic liquid filling machine! Designed for precision and efficiency, this GMP-compliant machine caters to a wide range of liquid filling needs, making it an ideal choice for industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, personal care, cosmetics, and household products.

The King Technofill F6 is a medium-speed automatic multi-head gear pump filling machine, designed to dose and fill liquid products ranging from 5ml to 5 liters into both glass and plastic bottles. Utilising advanced stainless steel positive displacement gear pumps, this machine ensures precise volume dosing with pump revolutions counted by digital encoders for unmatched accuracy.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel positive displacement gear pumps provide highly accurate dosing, electronically controlled by servo motors for precise and repeatable fills.
  • The machine features a single-lane stainless steel sanitary conveyor system that efficiently feeds containers. A pneumatic bottle gating system indexes six bottles into the filling zone, ensuring smooth and organized filling operations.
  • A 15.6” touch screen interface simplifies volume adjustments and allows for easy recipe storage by product name, ensuring seamless operation and quick changeovers.
  • With adjustable nozzle bar mounts for dipping and bottom-up filling, the Technofill F6 accommodates a wide variety of liquid products, making it versatile and adaptable to different production needs.

Standard Equipment

- Free-standing stainless steel base cabinet with lockable access panels.
- Omron PLC and large touch screen control panel with Emergency Stop Button.
- Six servo pump motors and an integral electrical and pneumatics control panel.
- Pneumatic bottle gating system with queue back and no bottle sensor control.
- Recipe program control with three-stage profile filling and suck-back functionality.


Optimise your production process with the King Technofill F6, engineered for efficiency, accuracy, and versatility. Perfect for various market sectors including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, personal care, cosmetics, household products, and more, the Technofill F6 is your solution for reliable and precise liquid filling.

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