Sweet Precision: Filling 20mm Blue Chocolate Balls with the King Dispenser Rx Semi-Automatic Tablet Counter - C.E.King Limited

Sweet Precision: Filling 20mm Blue Chocolate Balls with the King Dispenser Rx Semi-Automatic Tablet Counter

C.E.King Limited

Elevate Your Sweet Creations: The King Dispenser Rx's Mastery in Filling Confectioneries and Beyond!


Indulge in a world where technology meets confectionery with the King Dispenser Rx, a semi-automatic dual station tablet and capsule counting and filling machine, designed to bring precision, speed, and reliability to your production line. Whether it's delectable 20mm blue chocolate balls or a variety of sweet treats, this machine is here to revolutionize the way you package your products.

Effortless Counting and Filling with the King Dispenser Rx

Watch as the King Dispenser Rx effortlessly handles the counting and filling of 20mm blue chocolate balls into bottles with impeccable accuracy and speed. The transparent conical product hopper gently delivers the chocolate balls to the vibratory bowl feeder, where they are meticulously separated, aligned, and counted by a sensing head, before being directed into waiting containers via a divider flap mechanism.

Versatility in Sweet Production

Perfectly suited for a myriad of oral dose and tabletted products, the King Dispenser Rx demonstrates its versatility and modern design by managing products up to 25mm in diameter, in counts ranging from 1 to 10,000, ensuring your production needs are met with precision and reliability.

Explore the Possibilities:

- Gourmet Chocolates: From truffles to filled chocolates, ensure each box is perfectly counted and filled.
- Candy and Gummies: Package assorted candies and gummies with ease and precision.
- Hard Candies: From lollipops to mints, handle various shapes and sizes effortlessly.
- Jelly Beans: Count and package colorful jelly beans without a hitch.
- Nuts and Dried Fruits: Perfectly portion nuts and dried fruits in your product offerings.
- Baking Beads: Accurately count and package edible baking beads and decorations.
- Medicinal Tablets: Ensure accurate counts for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

A Journey Towards Enhanced Packaging Precision

Explore more about how the King Dispenser Rx can elevate your production capabilities and ensure every count and fill is flawless. Your journey towards enhanced packaging precision starts here with C.E.King Limited! From confectionery to pharmaceuticals, the King Dispenser Rx is your partner in achieving meticulous packaging, ensuring that each product, whether sweet or medicinal, is handled with the utmost care and accuracy.


In a world where precision meets delight, the King Dispenser Rx stands out as a beacon of technological advancement in the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries. From the gentle handling of delicate chocolate balls to the accurate counting of medicinal tablets, this machine is not just a tool but a gateway to expanding your production capabilities across various product lines.

Embark on a journey where every count is precise, every fill is accurate, and every product is handled with care. Explore the world of King Dispenser Rx and elevate your production to new heights of excellence. Contact us for more information!

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