Automatic Tablet Counting Machines

Technocount T8 tablet counter



Our automatic tablet and capsule counter King Technocount T8 is a GMP tablet counting machine designed for accurately counting tablets, capsules, pills, softgels, dragee and other tablletted products into bottles and containers. King Technocount T8  with a large touch screen uses the latest high speed counting sensors. The machine is easily adaptable. Product feed system requires no change parts. T8 machines are capable of packaging most tablet and capsule forms. They are ideal for medium to high output production and all types of automatic tablet counting applications and shapes of capsules and tablets. The product is fed via a twin lane stainless steel sanitary conveyor system and a pneumatic bottle gating system. Then dropped individually, while accurately counted, into a bottle or container on   a twin conveyor. A large touch screen allows to easily setup the number of counts and bathes to run. 
System features and benefits: ideal for irregular shaped tablets; count up to 10000 in quantities; accurate counting; can be used for small counts; operator friendly; efficient container handling system; avoids spillage; ideal for production where flexibility is vital; easy to clean and set up.