The King Technocount T12 electronic automatic tablet and capsule counting machine combines proprietary sensing technology with the latest Omron high speed electronic controller. The machine also features an integrated chip and dust extraction system.

The counting system utilises the latest high speed counting sensors with ‘on-board’ microprocessors for the highest level of reliability and accuracy. Tablets or capsules are fed to the count heads via a quick release twelve lane vibratory feeder tray system. The frequency of vibration is factory set, however the speed can be adjusted by the operator and the parameters saved with product information for instant recall via the machines touchscreen in order to facilitate different product handling.

The machine is height adjustable by means of automatic power jacking which allows differing heights of bottle to be filled. A single funnel assembly covers a range of bottle neck sizes and is the only format part on this system. The system offers maximum versatility as product feed system requires no change parts and is capable of packaging most tablet and capsule forms.
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