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King Technofill F1 Liquid Bottle Filler Brochure

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King Technofill F1 Liquid Filling Machine
The King Technoflll Servo F1 Liquid Filling Machine is a compact, versatile, powerful and controllable semi-automatic tabletop single head peristaltic or gear pump filling machine with a high power servo motor, designed for the accurate filling of liquid and fluid products into glass or plastic bottles and containers. Using a high power servo motor to drive either a positive displacement gear pump or a peristaltic pump, the King Technofill liquid filler is one of the most powerful and controllable tabletop manual liquid filling systems available. Our simple and intuitive user interface has been developed over many years with much customer input. Complete control over the liquid filling cycle is facilitated by easily programmable liquid filling parameters and profiles which can be saved by product name and quickly recalled, enabling fast and efficient operation and changeover.