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Dispenser Rx Tablet Counter Brochure

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 Tablet Capsule Counter Dispenser Rx
The King Dispenser Rx Tablet and Capsule Counter is a fast, accurate and versatile pill counting machine suitable for multi-batch counting, off-line quality control checking and Inventory auditing. Tablets, pills and capsules are fed from a bulk hopper into a virbatory feeder tray which gently sorts and aligns the product into a single circular path in order to drop one at a time through a sensor array for counting then onwards through a diverter flap and funnel system into waiting containers. Every time a product passes the sensor the count value is updated on the machines colour touch screen display until the target count is reached. Our manual tablet counters can count a broad range of tablets and capsules in many shapes and sizes including round and biconvex tablets, caplets, encapsulated soft gels, minims and gelatine size 00 to 5 capsules along with most other irregular oral dose formats.