Semi-Automatic Unscramblers

The US3 unscrambling table assembly is a semi-automatic random bottle unscrambler. Bottles are manually fed from a loading tray using a bottle pusher onto a rotating turntable (diameter 1000mm). After bottles are dispersed onto the table a series of deflector guides drive the bottles outwards into a single file which results in bottles being fed onto a transport conveyor (note: transport conveyor not included).

Complete with:
* Robustly constructed stainless steel base cabinet assembly with rotating turntable
* Integral electrical control panel and operational controls
* Loading tray with bottle pusher adjustable take off rails and deflector guides suitable for handling differing bottle sizes.

Complete with: Instruction manual (English) including mechanical and electrical drawings, parts lists, operation, maintenance details etc. CE certification.

Build standards:
* Machinery directive 2006/42/ec and electromagnetic compatibility directive 2004/108/ec * Power requirement: 220/240v 50hz 1 phase electrical consumption: 2kw
* Nett weight: 136 Kg