The King Dispenser Rx tablet counter is a GMP low to medium speed semi-automatic dual station tablet capsule counting and filing machine, suitable for handling a wide range of oral dose products into glass and plastic bottles and containers. It’s suitable for filling tablets, capsules and dragee, up to a maximum of 25 mm diameter in counts of between 1 and 10,000, into a wide range of bottles, containers and pouches. The filling rate is adjustable and dependent on the characteristics of both product and bottle.

System Features and Benefits:
Fast, reliable and accurate counting and filling of products; designed for coated and uncoated tablets, clear softgels and capsules; repeatable filling accuracy; colour touch screen for easy setup and simple operation; multiple languages including French and German; easy to clean and maintain; FDA approved Polypropylene, Acetal (POM) contact parts; tool-less design for fast and easy product changeovers.
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