The King Technoflll F2 liquid filling machine is a versatile, powerful and controllable fully-automatic twin head peristaltic or gear pump bottle filling machine with high power servo motors, designed for the accurate dosing of liquid products into glass or plastic bottles and containers. It is a medium to high speed twin pump fully automatic linear bottle filling machine with volumetric liquid filling technology whereby the servo pump head count the gear pump revolutions in order to control and meter the required amount of liquid product.

The King Technofill F2 has a robustly constructed base cabinet and sanitary conveyor system. The machines base cabinet is constructed using a stainless steel with adjustable articulated feet, sealed lockable front and rear access panels, integrated electrical control panel, pneumatic nozzle lift, pneumatic and electrical control panel, pneumatically actuated neck locator.

A 3.0 metre sanitary conveyor system constructed with stainless steel and 100 mm wide acetal slat chain controls the transport of bottles powered by a 3ph inverter controlled drive motor including adjustable no bottle and backup sensors, two bottle gating cylinders units, 41 mm pitch double round guide rails adjustable for height and width to suit a wide range of bottle sizes.
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