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What is a King Tablet and Capsule Counter?

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King tablet counters are devices used in pharmaceutical, healthcare and veterinary manufacturing, packaging, and dispensing to accurately count and dispense tablets or capsules. They are automated machines that save time and effort compared to manual counting, which can be tedious and error-prone.

A tablet counter typically has a hopper or bowl that holds a large quantity of tablets or capsules, and a vibratory feed system and sensor that counts and dispenses them into individual containers or bottles. The machine uses various technologies such as infrared sensors, photoelectric sensors, or static electric field sensors to detect and count the tablets. Some tablet counters can also sort or classify tablets based on their size, shape, or colour using a camera vision system.

Tablet counters are commonly used in pharmacies, hospitals, and drug manufacturing facilities to package and distribute medications accurately and efficiently. They are especially useful for high-volume drug dispensing, where speed and accuracy are critical.

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